October 26, 2010

Dance Classes

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You may know that Cindy spends some of her time here teaching dance classes. Really what she wants to do is take dance classes, but there aren’t a lot of options for that here. Instead, she’s raising kids to love what she loves.

And she’s really good at it.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

These are the students in her younger class (that’s Lutiya, third from the left). She teaches an older class too that Pan is a part of. Cindy can tell you her side, but from my point of view I love seeing her give these girls something they couldn’t otherwise have out here (unless they want to give their lives and a few thousand Baht a month to the local ballet academy). I love watching her create (she has to choreograph all the dances herself). I love it when she tells me about people asking about her class: when they can join, whether her girls can dance at a local worship event, how much someone’s daughter enjoys her class.

And hey, if it brings in some extra money, I ain’t complaining.

So I guess we’re not just parenting out here. Then again, this is an extension of that too. Pan and Lutiya love dancing, and they get to spend extra time with their mom.

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