April 7, 2013

Can I trust God?

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I recently moved my dance classes to a brand new studio, just finished in March. When I found out that the owner was putting in laminate floors, I asked to put in sprung wood floors (much better for dance) and I would pay for the extra cost. After finding out that we couldn’t afford the extra cost (60,000 baht or $2000), I opted out. But my friend (who has experience putting in floors) offered to put them in for just the cost of the materials, lowering it to 25,000 baht (about $800). How could I refuse his service and the floors I really wanted? And, I had 24 hours to make this decision.  I wasn’t exactly sure where this extra money would come from, but Adam said to go for it.

The floors are now finished and look great, and I just taught my first week of classes there.  But I started to feel discontent.  Did I make a mistake in getting the floors?  I have a huge family to feed and I just spent a lot of money on floors for a dance studio that I don’t even own.  I will never see that money again.  I could have had free floors!  Am I a bad mom, not thinking of providing for my family first?  And on and on the worrying went, until I realized the underlying question:  Can I trust God?  He’s always provided for us out here, and He definitely doesn’t have problems getting money.  But, is He going to provide enough for us, especially if I’ve done something foolish?  Can I really trust Him?

I talked to God about all these things on Wednesday, and I felt some peace just knowing that He has always provided for us in the past, so I tried not to worry anymore.

On Thursday, I received a gift from a dance parent out of the blue.  She just felt she was supposed to give my family 3000 baht.  It was like God said, “Yes you can trust me.”  I was so amazed and grateful.

On Friday, my dad called me and asked, “Do you need money?”  I said no, we’re doing fine (cuz we really are).  He said, “I want to give you 10,000 baht.”  I said no, we don’t need money, and why was he doing this?  He responded, “I just want to.”  What could I say?  I realized it was once again God answering me “Yes, you can trust me.”

So, this is just another piece of evidence that yes, God is trustworthy, He is our provider, and He loves us.  Why do I ever doubt Him?  He does amazing things like this.  He gave Adam his old dream job back, combined with his new passion of writing, while providing a steady source of income.   He gave us 10 kids, all from various backgrounds, some with a difficult past, and we all somehow feel like family.  All this is possible only because we have a God who loves us!   So, yes I can trust You, God!



  1. So great to hear how God continues to provide for you! And as a former dancer, I agree that the wood floors were the better choice! I love you and miss you and your 10 kids, and can’t wait to see you all in August!

    Comment by Diane — April 7, 2013 @ 1:08 AM

  2. He will provide all your needs!!! He is showing you every day that you can trust Him.

    Comment by Nancy Ward Heine — April 7, 2013 @ 1:15 AM

  3. Cindy, no wonder we love you so much………. Thanks for those extremely inspiring words.

    Comment by Opa — April 7, 2013 @ 1:32 AM

  4. I needed the reminder. Thanks for helping face the right direction….towards the face of my Father.

    Comment by Kristine — April 8, 2013 @ 8:34 AM

  5. I have thought of your question so much since I read it; asking myself the same question. The bottom line for me being the precepts taught in His word–He careth for me, My God will supply all my needs and oh so many more. For me the question is not can I trust God, but rather Can he trust me. Now there is a topic for much writing. God bless you and Adam and the work you do with children.

    Comment by Grandma Jean — April 9, 2013 @ 6:40 AM

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