October 21, 2013

Progress in Asia’s Adoption

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We’re moving forward! For the first time in a year, we have news that Asia’s adoption is progressing! Our social worker informed us that they have finally found her birth mother and she has given up all rights. That was (we think) the last step before presentation to the board for approval. As we’ve heard, things may still take a long time, but at least we know it’s going somewhere! Pray it goes quickly so we can move on to adopting the rest of our lot!

For those who aren’t privileged to know how AWESOME Asia is at piano, here’s a little snippet of her playing one of her own compositions. She usually changes keys at least 10 times, but I figured you’d get the idea after 4 or so!


April 7, 2013

Can I trust God?

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I recently moved my dance classes to a brand new studio, just finished in March. When I found out that the owner was putting in laminate floors, I asked to put in sprung wood floors (much better for dance) and I would pay for the extra cost. After finding out that we couldn’t afford the extra cost (60,000 baht or $2000), I opted out. But my friend (who has experience putting in floors) offered to put them in for just the cost of the materials, lowering it to 25,000 baht (about $800). How could I refuse his service and the floors I really wanted? And, I had 24 hours to make this decision.  I wasn’t exactly sure where this extra money would come from, but Adam said to go for it.

The floors are now finished and look great, and I just taught my first week of classes there.  But I started to feel discontent.  Did I make a mistake in getting the floors?  I have a huge family to feed and I just spent a lot of money on floors for a dance studio that I don’t even own.  I will never see that money again.  I could have had free floors!  Am I a bad mom, not thinking of providing for my family first?  And on and on the worrying went, until I realized the underlying question:  Can I trust God?  He’s always provided for us out here, and He definitely doesn’t have problems getting money.  But, is He going to provide enough for us, especially if I’ve done something foolish?  Can I really trust Him?

I talked to God about all these things on Wednesday, and I felt some peace just knowing that He has always provided for us in the past, so I tried not to worry anymore.

On Thursday, I received a gift from a dance parent out of the blue.  She just felt she was supposed to give my family 3000 baht.  It was like God said, “Yes you can trust me.”  I was so amazed and grateful.

On Friday, my dad called me and asked, “Do you need money?”  I said no, we’re doing fine (cuz we really are).  He said, “I want to give you 10,000 baht.”  I said no, we don’t need money, and why was he doing this?  He responded, “I just want to.”  What could I say?  I realized it was once again God answering me “Yes, you can trust me.”

So, this is just another piece of evidence that yes, God is trustworthy, He is our provider, and He loves us.  Why do I ever doubt Him?  He does amazing things like this.  He gave Adam his old dream job back, combined with his new passion of writing, while providing a steady source of income.   He gave us 10 kids, all from various backgrounds, some with a difficult past, and we all somehow feel like family.  All this is possible only because we have a God who loves us!   So, yes I can trust You, God!

January 2, 2013

God’s Provision

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Sometimes money gets tight, but it’s been amazing to see how God’s providing for our family.  Here’s what’s happened in the past couple of months…
1.  A few weeks ago, my friend won a $250 gift certificate for a grocery store here.  She asked God who to give it to, and He said our family!
2.  A former co-worker of Adam’s asked him if he could do some paid writing work, possibly long term.  Adam’s very excited about this!
3.  My blender broke.  My friend who’s moving back to the US was trying to redeem her points at a store before she left, and the only thing she could get was a blender.  So, she gave it to us!

These were all things that we didn’t ask anyone for, but God is just showing us He will provide.  Thanks God!

November 6, 2012

Village Vacation

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Last month, we took a 3 day trip to Prang’s village. It was a great break from normal life, and we had lots of family time together with the Abbotts.  It is our new vacation site! When we arrived, we were amazed at Sean and Prang’s huge house!  They had just doubled the size of their house, adding another room.  We all fit comfortably in the new room, and Josiah, Sam, and Joel were very excited to share a bed with Abby and Rachel.  With the lights out early, Adam and Cindy caught up on much needed sleep.

During the day, all of us visited the farm where Sean and Prang were growing tons of vegetables.  The older girls helped out all day long, and the boys (and even Anica and Asia) helped part of the day.  What a surprise when Prang paid every single one of them for helping out!

At Sean and Prang’s house, we all just hung out, played games, enjoyed the beautiful view, and took a break from our non-mommy and daddy tasks.  It’s just nice to be only parents and not try to accomplish anything else.  When the boys asked if I could play with them, it was so easy to say yes!  Also, the food was excellent.  I was telling Sean that the food always tastes better up there, and he says it’s probably because it’s all fresh.  Prang would pick the vegetables right before we cooked them.  Yum!

We were worried that Asia would have a hard time like she did 6 months ago.  That time, she cried almost the whole weekend and ended up spending all time lying on the floor in the same spot (her safe place).  This time, she barely even complained once or twice the whole time.  She even went up and down the steep and bumpy steps from Prang’s parents house to the Abbott’s house by herself by choice.  We went on an hour long walk on the bumpy dirt roads, filled with holes and rocks, and she only cried towards the end.  She’s growing up so much!

The trip ended with a sad goodbye to the Abbotts.  Eli and Rachel were crying and it really felt like we were leaving our second family.  Good thing we live right next door to them when they visit Chiang Mai!

Our ride back was so fun.  Sam, Isaac, and Lutiya had a spelling bee with English words, and Lu even gave Adam and me some Thai spelling words.  Adam and I had lots of good conversation, and somehow we didn’t have to stop once during the 3.5 hour trip for a potty break.  We did stop to pick up some fried chicken at the market and it was SO GOOD!  I got to feed Adam while he was driving, and it reminded us both of our long trips from San Diego to Cupertino to visit his parents.  It was pretty much the same (except for the 10 kids in the background)!

All in all, it was a fabulous trip and we are excited that our family has a vacation spot during the school breaks!  Thanks God!

October 7, 2011

A Visit From the Social Worker

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A few days ago, we got a visit from the social worker to check on Asia’s progress.  It was so encouraging to answer her questions, as it reminded me of how far Asia’s come in just 3 1/2 months.  Here’s a little taste of the questions and answers that day, in comparison to answers that would have been given within the first month she was here:

Question:  What does Asia do during the day?

Answer during first month:  Lie on the floor most of the day and tap toys on the floor.  (Seriously, this was how she spend at least 2/3 of her day.)

Answer now:  Explore every area of the house inside and out, play on the slide and swings, ride on the pushbike, play on the keyboard, go to Sean and Prang’s house by herself, find Mommy and Daddy and try to sit next to them wherever they are.  She still likes to lie on the floor, but not nearly as long.

Question:  What can Asia eat and what doesn’t she eat?

Answer during first month:  She eats only rice and meat and vegetables that are cut up in little pieces.  She doesn’t chew food at all even though she has all her teeth.  She also doesn’t eat any type of sweets or snacks, no fruit, no bread, and anything that one needs to chew.

Answer now:  Asia now eats pasta, ice cream, bread, some fruit, cake, soft cookies, and larger chunks of meat and veggies than before.

Question:  What words can Asia say?

Answer during first month:  She only repeats things that you say to her.  She sings a lot, but you can’t really make out the words.

Answer now:  In Thai, she can ask for more food, say when she’s finished with something, ask if she can sit on your lap, and say it’s time to take a shower.


After the questions were done, the social worker asked if she could get a picture of Asia at the keyboard.  As if Asia knew this was a good time to impress someone, she played “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.  Yes, there were a few mistakes, but everyone knew what the tune was and that a blind 4 year old was playing it.   What a miracle!!

I think God is on our side, because the last time social workers came to our house to see if we were a good, safe home for Asia, our five 4 and 5 year old boys were extremely quiet and played nicely alone and with each other.  Another miracle!

Hopefully the next time we see social workers, it’ll be because we’re signing adoption papers.  Keep praying!!!

August 2, 2011

A Visit to the Dentist

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What started as a dreaded trip to the dentist became a  wonderful mother-daughters time!  Last night, I took Pan and Lu to get their teeth checked and cleaned.  Rain and traffic, coupled with the fearful girls, made the trip long and frustrating.  But God was good, as always.  It was the first time Pan, Lu, and I got to hang out (just the 3 of us) in about a year.  There’s always different dynamics when you put various combinations of family members together, and I had missed this particular combo!  We could actually talk and not have to play (although we did play too).  While waiting at the dentist, we found some magazines and chose our favorite and worst outfits to wear, played Hangman in English and Thai, and played tricks on each other as they were coming back to the waiting room after seeing the dentist.  Although the last time I was at the dentist was over 1 1/2 years ago when I picked up my mom from there, the receptionist somehow remembered that my mom was a friend of a friend of the dentist and gave us a discount (thanks, Thailand).  Not once since I’ve lived in Thailand have I ever got a free toothbrush, but yesterday all 3 of us (and I was just the chauffeur) got a free toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste, and a bottle of mouthwash.  Lu was particularly excited about the mouthwash, as she just loves that stuff, so I gave her my bottle too. On the way home, we had tons of fun talking and laughing about silly stories from our lives (of which I will not share the details or I might embarrass them or some of you).  All in all, it was a memorable trip.  Thanks God!



January 12, 2011

My Wonderful Hubby

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This morning I had breakfast with a friend (i.e. Adam watched all the kids and gave me a break).  I came home and had to choreograph for my dance class, so Adam stopped what he was doing and took Anica and the rest of the kids outside.  I was planning on lots of noise and interruption, but got none!  During lunch I had a headache, so Adam told me to take a nap.  I kept trying to work on laundry and other things until he said, “Why aren’t you napping?”  Right after that, he took all the boys for a walk (which he knows I LOVE because the house is so quiet and peaceful).  I’m on my way up to a nap now, but I just had to share with the world what a great husband I have!

Thanks God for Adam!



November 13, 2010

Hard Day

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It was one of those days. More than the usual amounts of fighting, arguing, lack of patience, most of us are sick, and it was even Nathan’s birthday. I’m asking for your prayers. I know we’ve been through a lot in the past 5 years of parenting, so I’m encouraged as I think about how God has taken us out of some hard times. But while we’re in the midst of it, it’s harder to be encouraged.

Please pray for…
*restful sleep for each family member
*grace and forgiveness for ourselves and each other
*amazing amounts of patience for Adam and me
*sickness to pass quickly

And, because it usually helps me to feel better, here are some praises:
*God spoke to me last week about how to love one of our kids more effectively.
*Pepperoni tastes awesome (had it today for the first time in a long time).
*Baby wipes were “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” today.
*My sister is coming here for Christmas.
*Oh, how God loves us.

Yeah, I do feel better now. 🙂

September 5, 2010

10 Blessings

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I’d like to share the 10 blessings I came up with today as I was praying and thanking God for things.

1.  Joelie wouldn’t let me leave his bed without giving me a kiss.

2.  Samuel has a permanent smile on his face that is contagious.

3.  Josiah’s fever is all gone.  Yesterday he spent the whole day lying down on the couch, and today he’s playing and talking again.

4.  Nathan said, “I like you, Mommy.”

5.  Isaac kisses me goodnight a billion times and I get a whiff of that special smell of his (something I think I’ve always known since his birth).

6.  Lu hugged me goodnight (she usually doesn’t instigate).

7.  Sarah has a sweet spirit, even when she’s being corrected.

8.  Pan hung up my wet laundry without being asked.

9.  Adam randomly just gives me massages when I’m cooking or at the computer.  He gets me large glasses of water to drink when I’m sick and makes me drink it all, because he knows I’m really bad at getting extra fluids.

10.  Anica is such a joy.  It doesn’t take too much to get a good smile and silly laugh out of her.

Thanks God for my family!  You have blessed us tremendously!

August 16, 2010

Day 8

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Praise the Lord! We’re surviving and doing well! It’s been 8 days since our new kids have arrived. Lots of ups and downs, but life is always like that anyway. Tonight, Adam had to pick up our friend from the city, so he took 6 kids with him, leaving just Pan, Lu, and Anica with me. It was the quietest our house has been in a long time. 🙂 The girls and I enjoyed the peace and quiet and had a chance to chat and have some ice cream. (Don’t tell Adam, but we finished the chocolate ice cream.) I asked them how they were feeling about the new kids. Pan said she was first a bit afraid life would be crazy and not like a family, but now she’s really happy they’re here. Lu just said she’s glad they’re here too. What a blessing! It’s wonderful to see both of them being the big sisters and playing with all the kids.

As for me, it’s not at all as crazy as I thought it would be. I was used to spending a lot more time with Isaac and Nathan, playing with them, reading to them, etc. But now, they are always playing with someone else. There’s never a shortage of people to play with. I actually just miss them more, because we don’t have as much time together. I’ll have to be more intentional about spending time with each of my kids. Plus, the same goes for spending time with Adam and God too. Pray for that.

Adam and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on the 12th. We didn’t expect to be able to get away from the kids for a date, but praise God we did! How amazing is it that within 1 week of getting 4 new kids, we felt comfortable leaving Pan and Lu in charge of everyone! Lisa Gavin was also there to help, but she said that Pan and Lu had it down! 🙂 Adam and I (and Anica) got to enjoy some Italian food and ice cream, along with some good conversation and time away from the kids.

Life is good.  Thanks, God!  🙂

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