July 31, 2008

Rice Planting

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For those of you who know me, (Sean) you can check out updates on yet another blog.
A new update titled Rice Planting.

March 5, 2008

Cow or Frog

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cow head frog
Cow or Frog. Those were our two choices for food last time we were up in mountains. When we showed up they had just killed a cow and had all it’s insides and other pieces spread out in front of the front door to the house. The cow was some of the tastiest beef I have ever had but the frogs I passed on. I’ll eat frog if it’s been BBQed over some nice hot coals. But they boiled them in soup so they were all soft. Not really a texture I enjoy. They gotta be crunchy not chewy. Wayland came and we were able to help dad rebuild the fence to keep the cows in and also carry big heavy bags of cow crap to be stored for fertilizer. At least we didn’t have to bag um. Thats a messy job but can be fun if you have a partner to fling it on.
Also the houses are doing very well. Today we just finished picking the paint color and the railing desing for the stairs. They have the ceiling and stucco finished on my house and tomarrow they will begin to put the floors down. The work is going along very fast and with out many delays. I think we should be able to move in around three months or so.
Click here to see more pics from the village. Or click here to see more pics of the house consturction. Or even here to see some cool pictures of Abigail.

January 16, 2008

Fun With Houses

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January 4, 2008

Don't get in front of an Elephant!

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I mean that when I say that. Don’t get in front of an Elephant! This was my first time ever being near an elephant and the last time I ever turn my back on one. I mean they seem like very good natured animals but they do like to get a little too close for comfort. This was my real expression that Prang was able to catch on camera.
You can see more here.

November 19, 2007

Post Digging

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We have finally broken ground at the land. Even before we gave them the first payment they just went to town surveying, plotting and digging the foundation. Now all surveying and post digging is finished and they have pre-tied the re-bare for the footers and columns. They are now ready to lay all the re-bar in the ground and pour concrete for the footers and then begin the rest of the foundation. We will keep you posted as the work progresses. Click here to view more pictures.

Chalking the posts

November 13, 2007

Farmer Abby

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Just want everyone to see how cute my little girl is.

Farmer Abby

October 12, 2007

Land Fill Pictures

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You can click here to view pictures of the land being filled in.

August 29, 2007

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Just a short update from Prang and I. We’ve been busy. We just moved out of our old place and in with some friends. We will be near many of our friends and able to help out in many ways. We will also be near the new building site where I can keep a watch on things once we start actually building. Little Abigail just keeps growing more and more each day. It’s amazing to see how much she changes each day. You can see more photos by clicking here.
Still spending a good amount of time in the village. I was finally able to finish the bathroom that we first set out to build with Coast.
A friend of mine took me out on an off road tour deep into the rainy mountains on 250cc off road dirt bikes. Very difficult and I was real sore for many days after. One of the funnest things I have ever done. As we sat down for lunch we noticed this poisonous viper hanging over our heads eating a lizard.snk It looks like I may be able to take a three day trip here in December where we will bring our sleeping bags and just camp out under the stars.

Prangs doing well. Very busy with little Abigail. She’s able to get out in the morning to ride her bike while I take Abigail for a walk. Prang may start helping out at our friends children’s home cooking. It’s just right down the street so she will still be able to make it back in time to make my dinner too of course.

We do have some sad new to report though. A friend of ours in the village who was apart of the church died suddenly one night while we up in the village. He was only 35 years old and left his wife and two young children. The village seems to be standing beside his wife and children and are helping out as much as possible. It was a hard thing to witness but it’s an experience which is strengthening us. He was a believer and so we know he is in a better place now. We just praise God for his life and salvation.

May 19, 2007

Tai Naa

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Tai means to plow and naa means feild. So when the Thai people say that it’s time to “tai naa” they mean it’s time to plow the rice field. Ryan who has been here for a few months now was able to go up with us to the village and help Prangs father plow his fields. Using the plower was fun and “hypnotizing” as Ryan puts it. The hardest part was plowing the edges and corners by hand with a hoe. The plower can’t reach the edges and corners. Once one section of field is finished you go to the next while everyone else not running the plower cleans up the edges and corners by hand. Very long and hard work. We also had a very good time getting to and from the village. The roads were bad due to the heavy rains and we had to use four wheel drive which was pretty fun for Ryan and I but a little stressful for Prang. I will be going back up in a few weeks and begin grading some land and order materials to get ready for the Coast team to come and help build a bathroom in June. And little Abigail is doing great. She is now over one month and weighs a little over eight pounds.
farmer seanryanTo see more pics click here

May 6, 2007

Abigail's one month birthday

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As of Monday May 7th, Abigail Blue Abbott is one month old. She only weighed in about 2.5 kilograms but is already growing quickly and eating a lot. We took her to church for the first time yesterday and I’ve never seen Prang have so many friends. It’s amazing to see so many people floc to a new born. I enjoyed seeing them get so much attention.

This is Abigail now. To us she is noticeably bigger and way more active everyday.
We are both very excited to be parants and in aw of the fact that we made something.

Update: Fixed the broken picture link.

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