January 12, 2009

Anything Can Be Proved With Math

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Posted with permission. Our 14 year-old friend, who’d prefer to go by the handle MorELen, gave us this mathematical proof about the nature of girls.

Girls take time and money:

g = t x m

Time is money, so:

g = m2

And money is the root of all evil:

m = √e


g = (√e)2
g = e

Girls are evil!


February 21, 2008

Creative Plagiarism

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I’ve always liked to draw, but for many, many years I had stopped because I thought I wasn’t good at it and, therefore, could never be. A few years ago, I discovered that I could draw, or do anything I wanted really, if I was just willing to put in the effort to practice (I know that sounds obvious, but it was a revelation to me). So for those of you following my drawing career, here’s the latest offering.

It started with just the ship. I wanted to copy something and thought of pirates… cuz I usually do. I took the ship from the cover of Pirates of the Caribbean. Then I copied the skull and swords too, cuz they look cool. The ship needed a place to sail, so I gave it an ocean and an island.

At this point I realized I was not just copying a bunch of random things; I was drawing a whole picture. Since what I had chosen so far came from this story that’s bouncing around my head, I figured I’d continue. I chose faces that could be characters from the story, and I added the banner and title to finish it (and to give the cool skull and swords a reason to be there).

Anyway, click here for a really large version.

And because I know you’ll ask, the characters I copied are, from left to right: Donal (Marvel 1602), Dumbledore (Harry Potter, book 6), Zorg (The Fifth Element), Katsumoto (The Last Samurai), Nicholas Fury (Marvel 1602), Paul Atreides (David Lynch’s Dune), Spike (Cowboy Bebop), Faye (Cowboy Bebop), Ray Steam (Steamboy), and Jayne Cobb (Serenity).

November 13, 2006

Fun and Games

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We’re creative people. I don’t mean us here in Thailand… well, I do, but I mean everybody else too! We were created in God’s image, and the first thing we see God doing is creating (and as far as I can tell, He’s still doing it). People love creating. Music, art, writing, cooking, programming, carving, hammering, designing, sewing, planning, planting… all of these (and so many more) are forms of creation and creativity.

Anyway, the point is, I want to share some of our creativity with you today.

Symmetry Art
The bathroom in our master bedroom is frosted glass and positioned such that it is highly visible from the outside if our door is open. Cindy didn’t like that, so she came up with an art project to solve it. She had us do symmetry art (where you paint one side and fold the paper so the other side is the same) on poster board, and we used the posters to cover up the glass

I’ve been designing games since I was 11, but only rarely have I gotten to actually play what I designed. Mansion is based on some concepts that have been bouncing around my head for a couple of years (in addition to some concepts that I outright stole from other games).

The idea is that the players are exploring and stealing from a huge mansion, while everybody else is distracted with a party in another room. The winner is the one who can steal the most stuff (which might also mean stealing from the other thieves). Because they’re there for a party, they could not bring any of their own equipment in. So the only weapons and tools they can use are what they find around the house.

We’ve played it a few times so far, and I think I’m finally happy with the latest revision. It got significantly more fun when, during a game, Cindy had everyone draw art for whatever Equipment cards they had in their hand. (I didn’t realize how much art adds to the fun of a game). The game still needs art for its 62 rooms. Maybe one day…

Learning Thai
English is both Sandra and Matthew’s first language, but they both also speak Thai very well. Reading is a different story, so we’ve been teaching Thai reading and writing skills during homeschool. One problem with this is that it’s boring. Memorize the alphabet. Memorize the tone rules. Memorize the vocab. Read boring stories about fish in a well about 100 times. Repeat.

I decided a game would help fix this. Shamelessly stealing rules and ideas from Dungeons & Dragons, I created a basic game where the players fight monsters to earn experience. With more experience, they are allowed to use more powerful weapons. Here’s the trick though: to use each weapon, they must answer a question. Maybe they have to read a word correctly, or identify which tone rule is used, or hear a word and write it correctly. If they get it right, they damage the monster. If they miss, the monster gets to hit them. More powerful weapons do more damage, but they’re also harder to use (i.e. harder questions).

The game doesn’t have a name yet, but I’ve been mentally referring to it as “นักรบ“, or “Nakrope”, which means fighter or warrior. We played it for the first time last Friday and it went amazingly well. Not only did they have fun, but both of them were highly motivated to “get it right”. As Sandra said, “I don’t want the orc to hit me!” In the near future, I may combine it with the Mansion rooms so they have a dungeon to explore (maybe with a dragon in the middle).

June 25, 2006

FlashCards v1.5.2

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After using the program a bunch myself, I’ve made some more minor updates to it. I think this version is about what I intended from the start.

This time, I’ve separated it into Mac and Windows versions:

What follows is information on upgrading from an older version and a list of the changes in this version. (more…)

June 19, 2006

FlashCards v1.5.1

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UPDATE (06-26-06): FlashCards v1.5.2

Not surprisingly, there were some problems with the initial public release (hey, I can’t test everything!). Plus there were some things I wanted to add/fix anyway. Thus, I present to you version 1.5.1:

If you are installing for the first time, make sure you unzip (or extract) the files before trying to use them. Then, on Windows, run “FlashCards.bat” to run the program. On a Mac, run “FlashCards.command”.

Upgrade Information
If you have version 1.5 and have already made your own flashcards with it, just follow this procedure:
1. Unzip version 1.5.1 to it’s own folder.
2. Go to the folder containing version 1.5 (the old version) and open the “properties” folder.
3. Select every folder and file except for “”. Copy all of these into the “properties” folder of the new version you just unzipped.

If you changed the font, font size, or default window size, you’ll have to redo these changes in the new version. But you should only have to do this once (and future upgrades should be easier, if there are any).

What’s New in 1.5.1
I didn’t change much, but here’s what I changed. (more…)

June 14, 2006

FlashCards version 1.5

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UPDATE (06-19-06): FlashCards v1.5.1

As promised, here is the first public release of the Flashcard Emulator I’ve been working on. You can download it here: Unzip the folder and extract the files to someplace nice (like “C:\”).

You’ll have to have a Java Runtime Environment installed (don’t worry, you probably already do). Go here to see if you have one (it’s got to be at least version 1.4), and go here if you know you don’t.

The Flashcard Emulator is a memorization aid. It’s just a software version of index cards that students around the world use everyday to memorize facts, vocabulary, multiplication, etc. It’s nothing fancier than that. It can save you time and money from creating your own flashcards, and, for those of you that work at a computer for hours, it can be extra convenient as well. I know for me, at least, I test my Thai vocab a lot more often now that I can just open the program whenever a webpage is loading or I get bored with work.

The program should be capable of any foreign language, though you may have to tweak the settings for certain languages. It’s preset for Thai. It will work for English (and other languages using a Latin character set). The README has information on what to do if the program doesn’t seem to like the language you’re trying to type in. And if you have any other problems with it, please let me know.

And now for a geek moment (the rest of you are excused). All Java programmers around the world should be ashamed of me. My former employer and coworkers should be ashamed of me as well. So, my Java IDE used a character encoding that worked great for Thai, but my default Virtual Machine had a different encoding that displayed garbage or question marks instead of Thai characters. I spent hours adding extra lines of code so the program would internally encode characters properly before I finally realized that I could just set the encoding directly on the VM with the flag “-Dfile.encoding”. I mean, Java was made for this sort of thing. I could’ve totally released this thing a week ago if I had only stopped to think. Oh well. That’s how I learn, I guess.

May 10, 2006

Doi Inthanon

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Yesterday, a visiting mission team took the kids to Doi Inthanon – a mountain just south of Chiang Mai. I hadn’t been there before, and I was amazed at its beauty. Somebody built a couple of “stupas” on top for the king and queen, containing some ancient Buddhist relics. They were pretty cool looking too. All the pictures are here.

I don’t know why, but whenever I see amazing things in creation (even amazing man-made creations, but more often God’s Creation) it makes me want to write. Maybe seeing what God made taps into some inborn creation gene he put in me (we are made in His image, after all, and one of the first things we see Him doing is creating). It’s probably the same thing as when I read a good book or see a good movie – those things also make me want to write. I guess just seeing excellence makes me want to create something excellent too.

March 28, 2006

Zorts, Neeborts, Roks, and the Empire

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This has nothing to do with anything. Click to enlarge. Click here for a really big version.

February 3, 2006

Heine Art

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My brother’s exhibiting some of his art on Saturday. If you’re in San Diego, check it out.

January 13, 2006

Visiting America

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Wow so I am actually visiting America. It seams so weird. I mean last year I was visiting Thailand and now it’s all flipped the other way around. It’s actually pretty cool. Since being back I’ve learned all sorts of new things. I think I a finially beginning to relize how important my family is to me. I am also seeing that no matter where I go I am being takin care of. It’s kind of cool to see Gods provision in my life. At first I did have what they call reverse culture shock. But I seam to like it. If you take it the right way you can learn and see all kinds of things. It just gets hard not to judge everything. For a while I forgot I was an American. I guess being back here has reminded me of that. Sometimes I scare myself while looking in the mirror. “Oh man I’m white.” Sometimes it’s a real shocker. Being here I see how I have changed. I see what used to interest me doesn’t anymore. Going to the beach watching the waves was fun but I didn’t even think about going surfing. I just took a bunch of pictures like a tourist to bring back to my girlfriend. It’s seams weird to be a tourist in your own home area. Going to church was good and having people pray for me who knew me was comforting. It’s ben a real good trip but I am ready to go back to Thailand. A lot of it is my girl friend but a lot of it is it just feals like home their. Being back here staying at my old house in Ocean Beach seeing an Im Jai House picture still hanging on the fridge took me by surprise. “It’s still hanging,” I thought. Remembering that the last time I looked at it I was dreaming of what my move to Thailand would be like not knowing a single face in the picture. As I looked I now knew every little face looking back at me. It hit me hard and can’t wait to be back where God wants me.

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